What makes you proud to be a woman?

‘Inspirational female figures in society and history’

‘I’m surrounded by so many other amazing woman, our strength and willpower gets us so far. It’s really nice to have that bond with women who have gone through some similar experiences to me.’

‘I’m proud to be strong and independent whilst also having a lot of empathy for others.’

‘How we come together in times of struggle.’

‘The solidarity shared between [women].’

‘I think I am proud to be a woman, because I am proud of being myself. That I am able to stand up in what I believe in and care for the people who also believe in me.’

‘My children.’

‘Girls supporting girls lifting each other up, my mum , people that look up to me.’

‘To be able and connect with other women and help them through any struggles they might have.’

‘Our determination to strive for equality, showing the world that we aren’t just ‘house wives’ and that we’re intelligent and creative-minded individuals.’

‘How amazing other women to one another!’ 

‘Being able to have children.’

‘I am comfortable with who I am as a woman. The ability to have a child.’

‘Knowing that I have the power to create life, and all the accomplishments of women from the 1st wave of feminism until present day.’

‘I find pure bliss in being a woman. I am proud of the gift the feminine energy gives me to be intuitive. I am proud to be a woman because I see the women of this world be kind, compassionate, loving and generous souls. I’m proud to be a woman because we are fearless. We stand up for ourselves and as long as we keep doing that, the world will one day be a safe space for women to exist in. I am proud to be a daughter and I will one day be a mother, because I am by the gift of being here in a woman’s body. I am grateful for being existent in my female body.’

‘I am proud to be a woman because it makes me strong. Sadly I will have to work harder to get anywhere but I am willing to do that and when I do, it will be an even bigger achievement. I am also proud to be a woman because it makes me part of a community in which women come together to support one another.’

‘We are nurturing and kind but also strong and fearless. That multiplicity makes us extraordinary beings. I am proud that women in today’s society stand up for what they believe in and don’t stand down. The feeling of togetherness and connection I feel with other women is almost indescribable. Even with women I have just met I feel a connection almost immediately based solely on the fact that we have more than likely faced similar experiences.‘

‘The fact that I have the strength to accomplish anything makes me proud to be a woman. As we all know, women face challenges ranging from periods to pregnancy; nonetheless, we mentally disregard these discomforts and carry on with our lives.’

‘My sensitivity, my curves and body, the power of women in society, having strong women in my family.’

‘I am proud to be a women because I have the opportunity to express who I am. I think it sometimes can be difficult to express oneself within society but being able to do that confidently makes me proud.’

‘To have had the privilege of giving birth and being a mother.’

‘I am confident and not afraid to say it how it is. I am intuitive and I trust my body and what it tells me.’

‘My instincts are strong. As women there is an instinctual power that guides and protects us. We go through so much as women and deal with so much and come out the other side so much more stronger and braver. I am proud to be a woman because I have incredible women in my life.’

‘To have had the opportunity of having two children.’

‘I’m proud to be a woman because we are extremely strong – we go through so many hardships physically, mentally and emotionally, yet always come out of the other side even better. I often think about how our hormones are constantly changing yet we still show up and that we are the only ones to carry and birth children. We are all so beautiful, unique and important.’

‘We are the stronger sex; child birth.’

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