What does feminism mean to you?

‘What feminism is to me is equality, getting equal opportunities regardless of your gender. There [have] been a lot of inequalities that women have faced in the past. Feminism encourages me as a woman to go [down] the path I want, not having restrictions or limits to what I can do.’

‘Equal rights and equal respect for women and men.’

‘Equality, the end of gender-based discrimination.’

‘Equal rights whether I’m a woman or a man or identify as something else entirely.’

‘Being treated equally.’

‘Girl power, equal rights and opportunities.’

‘The empowerment of women while finding the balance of equality between both men and women.’

‘Equality for all genders.’

‘Feminism is belief in equal rights for all sexes and genders.’

‘Staying true to myself, while empowering other women.’

‘Feminism for me is about how I feel empowered being a woman. It is about how much a woman is respected and accepted for who she is in her truest, purest element. Even when the standards don’t fit according to the society, a woman should be accepted regardless. That feeling of being empowered in being able to stand headstrong is feminism to me. It is establishing equality in all senses.’

‘Feminism to me is freedom. The freedom for women to live without restrictions based on gender. Feminism is working towards equality for everyone. It’s giving a voice to women when they didn’t have one before and amplifying that voice so it’s as loud as all the others.’

‘Feminism to me is being able to choose your own path and do that freely without judgement of limitations placed on you solely based on your gender. I hate that feminism has negative connotations and saying “I’m a feminist” could start a barrage of abuse thrown your way for just saying it out loud. This harmful attachment to the word needs to be altered as the desire to be treated equally and with respect should not be seen as something that is negative.’

‘Feminism means strength to me. The strength and fortitude to conquer any work or activity assigned to a woman and do so with ease.’

‘Feminism to me is for everyone to be treated the same. It is not about saying that women [are] better than men but rather that everyone should be treated equal[ly] in all aspects of life.’

‘A strong voice for women in the world advocating equality and respect.’

‘Feminism for me means women being viewed as the CEO’s of their own life, both personal and business-wise.‘

‘A range of movements and ideologies that establish gender equality. Its idea in origin was that society prioritise male point of view and that women are not treated as equal to men, but nowadays, since things in regards to this have improved and come a long way, it’s more about maintaining equality between the sexes.’

‘To be able to take hold of your own life and not be pushed into something.’

‘Feminism to me means allowing women to take up as much space as they want, in whatever way they feel most comfortable, in order to express themselves.’

‘Standing up for equality.’

‘Girl Power.’

‘Feminism to me means empowering women in every aspect in life through encouragement, through understanding every women’s needs and supporting and cheering on one another.’

‘Women wanting to be treated equally.’

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