What do you feel empowers you? When are you at your most confident?

‘What empowers me is really other people, the friends I have. The love given towards me makes me feel great, it gives me the confidence that I need to keep pushing myself. I think my peak confidence is when I’ve achieved an ambitious goal that I’ve set for myself. It makes me feel like I could do anything.’

‘When I succeed at something or overcome something which was challenging. Having independence.’

‘Wearing matching underwear makes me feel like I can take on the world! I am most confident around the people I love the most.’

‘Exercising; [being] with friends; [being] in female dominated spaces; strong female role models.’

‘I think knowing that I am good at what I do and also seeing other people be good at what they do empowers me and gives me the power to be better. I am at my most confident, when I am with people who respect me for who I am.’

‘When I’m making a good job of something.’ ‘Looking good and feeling good, mascara and highlighter.’

‘When with other women, I feel as though that is a safe environment for me to express myself more freely without judgement.’

‘When I look confident, I feel confident. For example my outfit is well put together and my hair is done sleek. I feel like a ‘boss ass bitch’ which makes me feel confident in what I’m presenting because I’m well presented.’

‘Being taken seriously and appreciated by everyone.’

‘With make up on and my hair done nicely.‘

‘When I feel like I look good when I look at myself in the mirror. Mostly when I have make-up on and wear cloths that make me feel nice. Also, I am at my most confident when I am doing something that I enjoy.’

‘I am at my most confident when I am surrounded by women who care for me, and what I feel empowers me is learning about my culture and heritage.’

‘I feel empowered when I am brave enough to use my voice. I am shy, so this isn’t always the case, but being heard makes me feel empowered. Sometimes I don’t do this vocally. Sometimes it’s through my art. When I create something that speaks, I feel empowered. I think it’s sometimes easy for your internal voice to be drowned out by the opinions or expectations of others. When I step back and stop listening and look within, to who I am, this also empowers me, because my voice is important too, and I need to trust it more. I feel confident when I am working together with others to create something.’

‘Seeing people around me who have worked hard and achieved amazing things inspires me. It inspires me to strive for even greater self-improvement. When I’m doing something I enjoy, I’m most confident (in this case [it] would be hair). I enjoy being creative, but I must be very precise with my work if I want to achieve a great result.’

‘Many things empower me. From the clothes I wear to carrying out random acts of kindness. Music is a big source of empowerment for me. When I listen to music I can become my true, expressive self. Many genres empower me and it all depends on what mood I am in on the day as to which genre empowers me. Dancing, horse riding, getting dressed up but feeling confident in my own bare skin all empower me. Its amazing how I can feel empowered in so many different ways.‘

‘Something I have realised the older I get is the things that empower me the most are also my biggest insecurities. It all depends on how I feel in the time, setting and group I’m in as to whether I am insecure or empowered. The older I am getting the better I am getting at choosing to remain empowered. No matter who I’m with or where I am. Feeling confident empowers me.’

‘When I achieve things in my own right and if I am knowledgeable in topics of conversation etc.’

‘What empowers me most is being in control of the situations that I am in. Knowledge for me means power, no matter the subject.’

‘I feel at my most empowered and confident when I look good. When I am slim, when my hair looks good and my make up looks good. For me, the key to feel[ing] good inwardly is to look good outwardly.’

‘Being able to do things on my own gives me confidence. When I am with my family.’

‘Meditation, yoga and going to the gym make me feel confident because all of them mean I am working on myself. Learning how to love myself empowers me.’

‘Financial independence and individual recognition for my work. When I’m teaching’ ‘Being with my girlfriends, feeling accepted, laughing’

‘I feel empowered when I see other strong women speaking out about what they believe in. Seeing others succeed also empowers me to push myself to achieve great things. I am most confident when I am dressed up nice, hair and makeup done and a sexy outfit, ready for a night out! I find confidence in owning myfemininity and putting myself out there for the world to see. I suppose one day I would like to feel most confident in casual clothes and no makeup but that just isn’t the case right now and I’m not sure it ever will be.’

‘Being able to make my own decisions about life has really allowed me to feel more empowered. Through my journey to love myself more, I have realised that the thing that really has empowered me is my sense and style in fashion. Being able to express who I am [by] wearing soft tailored suit jackets has really made me more confident in most situations. There is something about wearing
a suit that has created this identity and confidence within me.’

‘My feminine energy empowers me the most. The beauty of knowing that I was brought here in a female body, liberating my beliefs of being inferior in this society. I have been insecure about my skin colour and my body for the longest time. While healing from those beliefs that my existence is what taught me the most, there is nothing more powerful than that for me. It is also seeing other empowering women accepting themselves and liberating themselves from the boxes of the society.’

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