What are your future hopes for equality?

‘What I see in the future is that all genders are being treated equally. No one has a disadvantage. Everyone can accept you for who you are.’

‘I hope for a society where men and women and people of all genders have equal rights and respect.’

‘They are limitless! I hope that both the pay gap and the wage gap cease to existI I hope men can cry without being judged. I hope women aren’t always assumed to be the main caregivers. I hope women can walk the streets safely and unafraid.’

‘Equality in the workplace in terms of pay and board representation. A[nother] woman prime minister/leader. The end of sexual and domestic violence against women. To feel safe walking alone at night.’

‘Simply that equality is a peaceful thing.’

‘That we can be empowered to act however we want.’

‘Free sanitary products; men to have more paternity leave; equal pay and opportunities.’

‘I hope there will be no stigmas against women, no harassment within the workplace or online, that society as a whole can see both men and women as equal.’

‘More legislations are in place to help women. More needs to be done in making women feel safe within society rather than having to look over our shoulders every step of the way.’

‘I think there’s a long way to go but it will definitely happen. So much has happened already thanks to so many amazing women.’

‘Equal pay.’

‘Equal rights for women all over the world because in lots of disadvantaged countries, many women do not have any rights.’

‘In the future, I hope we can reach a point where women are respected in their careers, paid fairly and equally, and [that] we can accept when women aren’t as “nurturing” or don’t want children.’

‘I do believe that the smallest awareness has a huge impact on society and makes a lot of difference. If each woman would stand up for themselves and help the men around them understand and reflect on their actions, ask [them] for a change and treat women better and make them feel seen for who they are. One day, the world will be a safer place to be in.’

‘I hope we get there soon. I hope that everyone is treated equally and not treated in a certain way simply because of their gender, sexuality, or colour of their skin. I hope for equal opportunities for all and for understanding for all. I hope that everyone is treated with the same respect and that women finally have control over their bodies.’

‘I hope if I were to have children, maybe one boy and one girl, [that] they [could] grow up in a

world where my daughter is given equal opportunities to my son. I would like more women in places of power and when you imagine high paid jobs [e.g.], doctors, lawyers, or vets, you don’t just think of a male figure but a female [figure] as well.’

‘My hopes are that regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or race, everyone should be treated fairly in work placements, schools, and other settings.’

‘More understanding in our thought processes and more support when certain people are being out of order to women in public or online. That men and women do not feel like its us vs them and a competition for equality. We are both human and should be treated with the same respect but I feel there should be a mutal understanding that we may have different needs and that differences are OK.’

‘I hope that in the near future all genders have the same rights and that society doesn’t bother

with the construct of the heterosexual male being dominant in society. It is time that no matter who you are, where you come from or your gender identity, you should be able to all earn, live, and be accepted by the society that you live in.’

‘That men and women will be recognised equally for the roles that they have in life and that all voices will be heard equally, without prejudice.’

‘I wish that women [would] be called ‘assertive’ in the future and not other horrible [words] just because they are doing their best to achieve their goals. I wish that women [could] walk at night on the streets without a key between their fingers in case something bad [would] happen and they need[ed] to protect themselves.’

‘That women will feel more at ease when walking the streets. That there will be less pressure on having to follow beauty standards. That more women will see their self worth. That health care when it comes to women’s sexual and reproductive health will improve. For men to identify that being feminist means being a believer in equality, not just being some crazy lady who flashes her boobs on live TV to prove a point.’

‘I would like to see social media stopped and for young girls and women to feel safe in their own bedrooms.’

‘I hope that one day we can see more female leaders. I also hope for a world where everyone can love and accept each other for who they are.’

‘That our daughters have equal pay.’ ‘Women being paid equally.’

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