Is there any advice you would give to your younger self about growing up being a woman?

‘Your appearance is the least interesting thing about you, you can do anything you set your mind to.’

‘To try to accept it rather than [resent] it. Work on addressing the inequalities and gender stereotypes.’

‘Be more confident in your abilities and you are worth a lot more than you think. Don’t let others put you down and be strong and go your way even if it’s not the preferred way of others.’

‘Just be yourself and don’t be too harsh about the way you look and you can do anything if you put your mind to it.’

‘More self love.’

‘Don’t overthink and criticise yourself. It’s easier said than done but I think being a woman is more important than anyone thinks. We can do things that no one else can. We’re strong and powerful and amazing just as we are.’

‘Never hesitate. Just because you’re the only female in that room doesn’t mean you’re the leastknowledgeable. If you have something important to say, then say it.’

‘Don’t be afraid to speak up when something isn’t right!’

‘Just be you and don’t care about what anyone else thinks.‘

‘Not really, I never felt as a woman that I couldn’t do the same things that men can do in terms of education, careers, and hobbies. I have always had very open relationships with the women close to me, so I had the knowledge and support to deal with the challenges of growing up as a women.’

‘Trust yourself more, don’t be afraid to express yourself and stand up when you see misogyny more.’

‘So much advice, a lot of which I am still giving myself on a daily basis. But if I could go back and speak to myself as a little girl, I would tell her to be brave and fierce, don’t be afraid of being too loud, you have every right. Stand up for yourself, you DO matter, just as much as everyone around you, no matter what people say. Try not to be discouraged by what others say, you can do anything, you may have to work harder, but then you can be twice as proud. And finally, be unapologetic. There are lots of parts to being a woman the world wants to hide, but you do not have to hide, and there’s a whole world of women that will give you the strength to do all the above.‘

‘Don’t say yes to please people. It’s OK to say no!’

‘Life is going to be complicated but trust in the people that you have chosen to be in your life and remember you can always walk away and put yourself first.‘

‘At the young age of 13 I started a list in my diary of all my insecurities and addressed it to myself in the future hoping I would blossom from [an] “ugly duckling into a swan”. I remember crying over the page but also being numb to the fact that I could point out these faults so easily. Looking back at that list now I wish I could tell my younger self not to worry about those things. That they don’t matter, and that people will still love and respect me no matter what I look like on the outside.’

‘Yes! I would tell my younger self not to worry so much about my appearance, not to create an image and persona to fit in with male ‘ideals’ and to be happy and confident in my own skin and with my abilities. Not to fear being myself and to behave in a way that was true to me, not what others expect to see. I would also say that I should be happy and grateful to be ‘me’ and that I should be confident enough to go for opportunities in life, without fear of prejudice because I’m a woman.’

‘I would tell my younger self not to hold back and to work hard in order to achieve great things in life. Also, try to appreciate your youth because adulthood is a ghetto experience.’

‘[To] my younger self, [I] would say be strong, be positive and enjoy your life and don’t be frightened of your own shadow.’

‘My greatest piece of advice would be to love yourself and feel confident in your skin. Don’t let imposter syndrome take over as it can and will ruin so many potentially amazing memories. My mum and friends and family would always say how stunning I was, yet I would still leave parties crying cause I felt insecure or not go to events because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. But now I look back I believe everyone, but I should have then! We are all beautifully imperfect .. and we should love ourselves for who we are.’

‘I would say to myself to not let other people’s opinions of me get to me so much. I would also say to myself to not let little things upset me so much because at the end of the day, I am one tiny aspect of a huge planet.’

‘Don’t say yes to please people. It’s OK to say no! Focus on you, value yourself and know your worth. Do notbase your worth on someone else. Be true to who you are. And compliment yourself more, like you would a friend.’

‘My Mum always tells me that success does not come from money. She tells me to chase my dreams and be passionate about them, without allowing fear of failure to hold me back. You have got to learn your strengths and design a life where you jump out of bed with a smile and use them every day.’

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