The Project

Learning to use her voice

Stop putting my voice in a box and locking it up

It was given to me for a reason and it needs to breathe

My words fly maybe a bit too sharply but they hit your shields and fall like stone

The action steals the air from me 

Being pushed down, down 

Like all the others before me

But we push back a little harder every time

I know change will come

It’s on the horizon now

My mind and my thoughts

Are not yours to manage

They’re mine and their strength will break your locks

Your censoring is tiring 

But reclaiming my power gives me strength 

My body is not yours to cover, strip or use as an excuse

To discuss and decide

How I should live my life

Finding her circle

They gathered

Like moths to a flame 

They heard her cries and they came because they heard them before 

They surround her

There’s no need for words

They know inside the pain themselves

They know what she needs

They create a space

Safe inside

Just for them 

They hold her here 

And fill her with love and compassion

Her journey 

Not completed overnight

Is aided by the strength of her women, her tribe

A bind so pure it creates hope in the dark

It shows her the way

They stay

Tell tales and stories

Whisper truths of a brighter future

One they will take her to

She is tired now

They wipe her tears and lay her down

They keep her warm 

Their comfort a cocoon

There they will stay

She will rise again

With the sun

And their faces she will see

Sisters not of blood but of soul

They will help her to her feet and guide her

Until she can walk on her own

Head held high

Their job is done, their sister healed

Not by magic like in the books

But the unspoken magic 

Of the invisible bond

That holds women as one to the end of time

They will come together again 

When another falls

They will use their powers silently

So she can grow

Because women are strong 

And together, they’re unstoppable 

Daughter, Mother

You were the first woman to guide me

The first female heart to support me

I first learnt the strength of women from you,

I see female power because of you

Wrote me stories and made me the main character,

Then held me tight as you read them to me 

You gave me wings 

And then taught me how to fly

Played my games 

Fed my imagination 

Oh the worlds we made I wish they were real

You taught me about my body and you made it ok,

To ask you questions without any shame 

I pushed you away so many times

Wanted to isolate myself 

But you welcomed me back with open arms each time

From a flutter to birth, 

nine months of protection.

Strong love and ties,

an instant connection.

A journey in life,

a long road begun.

First smile, first word,

a web of love firmly spun.

Your tiny hand, 

trustingly held by mine

our life together, so beautiful,

not bound at all by judgement or time.

A Mother’s privilege,

present in your journey’s path.

To be forever proud and content,

to watch you climb your life’s graph

An aura surrounds us,

our heart’s beat as one.

No matter where you are in the world,

I’ll always be ‘mum’.

A bond so tight, 

connectively together.

United we stand,

stronger forever.

Letter to her younger self

You were born with a special power

And that scares them

You are not them 

so they will try to put you in a box 

Label you as one thing 

To hide what they fear

That all along they were wrong

You were always worthy

They will make you small

Can’t take up space

Because they don’t think there’s enough space for all

And they were brought up to believe that the world is for them

Things are changing and that will continue

Although they try to take your voice and your choice

Silence your cries

You will break through

Although you struggled to find yourself in the magazines, the movies, the positions of power and everywhere else

There are more of you out there

Many unique versions of you

And you will come together

They will try to tell you who you are and what you can do

And for a long time you may believe them

They will try and trip you up along the way to self discovery 

And you will have moments of doubt

But have courage

One day the mist will clear 

as the voices of your tribe will sound through and echo yours

And you will realise who you are

And that there is space for you

You won’t get there straight away, but you will

And you will see how much the world has to offer

You will see the traps 

The pitfalls and the fakes 

And how to dance around them

You will realise

You are enough, and you will arrive

At the start of the rest of your life-

And you will thrive 

You will realise you never needed to diminish yourself for them

Never needed to make yourself small

Never needed to be quieter, prettier

Never needed to hide your intelligence, your feelings, your vulnerabilities or your truth

And then, you become you

She learns self care

A tiny shoot pushing through the dirt

Reaching the surface 

And then blooms 

As she weathers the storms

And uses them to become strong

Beauty in its entirety 

Not as delicate as they surmise

She is grounded 

Taking care of herself

Tending to her emotions and boundaries, 

She starts to thrive

She overcomes, she finds herself

A moment of realisation, leading to release

A catalyst 

Surge through me, bright, warm, real and safe 

The knowledge that I could rise above

Fulfil and be fulfilled

To step into true purpose

Hello, it’s the new me

You won’t recognise for a while

There’s a lot of change 

Truth, hope, strength and love 

The same but uncovered 

It can shine through now

Always there but the key was lost

The knowledge strong

Oh there will be weaker moments, darker moments

That’s the journey

Don’t worry about the destination you’re where you need to be  

My heart beats stronger now and my steps are lighter

Hello, I say, welcome