The Creator

The Project

‘Just over a year ago in 2021, I started writing. Just little bits here and there. I wasn’t sure what the words were at first – lyrics maybe? Then I realised they were stories, reflecting both my inner truth and my imagination.

In this time I wrote over 60 stories, some just a couple of lines, some more detailed. When it came to this project, I realised I was not alone in my stories. They were my voice, but they spoke for others. They spoke for women.

The ‘Dear Woman’ project aims to give women the space to use their voice to tell their stories. This project contains my poems and images, as well as participants’ answers to a series of questions I posed them.*

Navigating this world as a woman can be tricky. I am still on the path to finding myself as a woman, by learning more about myself and unlearning what society has been telling me. I am on this journey with other women. They teach me constantly. These relationships are so important. 

I am still finding myself as a woman. I lose myself and find myself over and over again. I know I am not the only one. The women around me have helped me on the journey to finding myself. I am grateful to them. I am also grateful to the women who took part in this project. I have learnt a lot from every single one of you! 

At the end of the first shoot in this project, the women involved and I were reminded of why projects like this need to exist – why women need to be given a voice. Walking back from the location, a car slowed down. The men inside rolled down their windows to shout comments about our appearance to us. In broad daylight, on a busy road. This is not an isolated event. Women deserve better. 

I hope this project resonates with you and makes you feel seen and heard if you identify as female.

Thank you to all the women who fought and fight for us and our rights. Thank you for your fierce bravery.’

The online space

This online space is a place to share the Dear Woman project. It is also a place for women to come to express themselves, find advice, gain support, etc. This is a community for women to use their voices to tell their stories and support others.